My Skincare Routine

When I was about 10 years old I had a growth spurt and puberty sort of happened which lead to me having lots and lots and lots of acne. Now, I’m very thankful that pimples aren’t common to pop up on my skin anymore. As you could imagine being 10 and being the tallest person my age I became really self conscious because I always stood out and the fact that I was blessed with acne while all the people I knew that were my age had crystal clear skin didn’t help at all. Now that I’m older I like take care of my skin to ensure I can have the best skin possible. Below are the products I use to take care of my face!

From left to right:

Pomwash Facial Cleanser by Juice Beauty – This is a facewash I’ve been using for 5 months now and I can say I really like it! I use it every night before bed and I can safely say it’s one of my favourite cleansers that I’ve tried out. It contains pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes which can smoothen out and exfoliate your skin. This product is completely organic as well which is a plus for all those with sensitive skin.

Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish by Urban Veda – I bought this nearly the same time I bought the Pomwash facial cleanser but only started using it recently, unlike the Pomwash facial cleanser I use this only about 2 times a week. It naturally brightens, balances skin tone and contains fruit enzymes that enhances complexion. It also smells incredibly amazing and its gentle on the face. This face wash really helped clear my skin from those tiny skin coloured pimples, while the Pomwash Facial Cleanser helped with the bigger ones.

Baking Soda – Besides using the above products, from time to time I like to fully exfoliate my face using baking soda. Baking soda can help remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores. I’ve been using baking soda to exfoliate my face along with oatmeal (as a face mask) once every 2 weeks since I was young and I honestly can say they helped clear out my acne. To exfoliate with baking soda, pick up a pea amount and add a drop of water to it. First, make sure your face is damp, gently rub it into your skin then rinse well. It leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft but make sure to put in some sort of moisturizer after as it can possibly leave your face feeling dry.

I plan to do in depth reviews of the products mentioned in this post in the near future as they really helped my skin out so look out for those in the near future!

What products do you use to take care of your skin?

I’d love to know as I’m always looking out for skincare products I can try out!


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  1. Mel
    March 12, 2017 / 5:33 am

    Great post! I’ve never tried baking soda before, I wonder how that will work on me

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